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About City Tour
City Tour is a bus tour of famous cultural relics, tourist attractions,
municipal sites, etc. Such city tours are popular all around the world.
Administrative Structure
- Tourist Information Center of the Daegu Tourism Association
- Tel : +82-53-627-8900
- Website :

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City Tour is a bus loop tour program that visitors can use to explore the city's culture, history, and sights by touring Daegu's various scattered cultural sites, attractions, and fields throughout the urban area. It is a universal tourist product around the cities of the world.

Useful Infomation

: 7 times a week
: 10:00am ~ 05:00pm
Starting Point
: Daegu Tourist information Center (Duryu Park)
  Dongdaegu Train Station (near the overhead walkway)
  Banwoldang (near Dong-A Shopping Center)
One-day Adults Middle and high school students Primary school students
5,000 4,000 3,000
Tourist resort fee ticket
Dividing Individuals Groups
Adults Students Children Adults Students Children
Donghwasa Temple 2,500 1,500 1,000 2,500 1,200 800
Pagyesa Temple 1,000 800 500 1,000 700 400
Yongyensa Temple 1,500 1,200 800 1,500 1,200 700
Mt. Biseul 1,000 700 500 700 500 300
Daegu National Museum 1,000 500 500 700 300 300
Herbhillz 3,000 2,000 2,000 3,000 2,000 2,000
Daegu Sports Museum 500
Songkwangmae Museum 1,000
- Calling (053-627-8900), visit our website (, or come in person to the DTIC.
- Tourists are required to make reservations for the City Tour by calling (053-627-8900) or visiting the
- Reservation of a group tour is available at any time during office hours.
- Each departure point and course has its own date, and the tour schedule is changed every month.
- Tourists should check the tour dates before making a reservation by calling or visiting the Tour Course      website.
Operation Information
- The Daegu City Tour is one day tour. There are three different departure points -
   the DTIC building, Dongdaegu Train Station, and Banwoldang. Busses start running at 10am
   and stop at about 5pm.

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