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:46 Gongwonsunhwan-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu 704-060
(Inside Duryu Park)
Hot Line
: 1330 (053-1330 from a mobile phone or long distance call):
  English, Japanese, and Chinese available
: 053-627-8900
: 053-627-8905
: April to October, 9am to 8pm /
  November to March, 9am to 6pm
The Daegu Tourist Information Center (DTIC) provides comprehensive information on Daegu and Korean tourism to Korean and foreign visitors and publicizes tourist attractions of the Daegu and Gyeongbuk region to the world. It is open year round and has English, Japanese, and Chinese speaking guides for international tourists. Reservation and ticketing services for trains and airplanes are also available at the travel agency located in the DTIC building. A large souvenir shop awaits visitors with a variety of specialty items. Furthermore, the DTIC manages the city tour programs, and Daegu's city tour buses depart from and arrival at the DTIC building. General information on courses, prices, and online reservations are available on the DTIC website.
Location & Getting There
The DTIC is next to the Outdoor Concert Hall in Duryu Park, about a five-minute walk from Duryu Public Library, located opposite of Woobang Tower Land (Amusement Park). To get to Duryu Public Library, take City Bus No. 535 or City Express Bus No. 601 at the Banwoldang Negeori (four-way intersection).

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