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Check Information

What is a check information?

Prepare to check the main items
you can miss during the use of an
accommodation facility.


Parking Facility  :  26 cars possible
Language  :  English possible
Credit Card  :  possible
Website  :  No website
Foreign visitors should visit while accompanied with an interpreter
Internet is only available in certain rooms.
Wired LAN is installed in all rooms.

The first floor is an unmanned facility and parking is available.
It is located in the agricultural industrial complex.

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Basic Information

Basic Information
:   Nongongjungang-ro 34-gil 42 Nongong-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
:   053-615-3987
:   After pm 1:00
:   Before pm 12:00
Type & Rate
■ Number of Rooms : ;26 ( Korean-style room 1, Western-style room 25)
■ Rates : 35,000(KRW) ~ 40,000(KRW)

Prices are subject to change in the peak season and on weekends. Please check in advance by phone.



- Finding Direction is provided on the standard of address, and it could be a little bit different with real direction.
- Please call before you visit accommodation.

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Daegu Subway
600, 655
Daegu Bus Information

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