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Nureun guksu
Nureun guksu photo

This noodle dish is representative of Daegu, which has the highest consumption of noodles and wheat flour in the entire nation. Daegu is the only area with noodles that use broth made by simmering anchovies in water. Its broth differs from Andong geonjin guksu, which uses soy sauce to make broth without other ingredients, but the noodles of both dishes are made by mixing an appropriate amount of soybean flour in wheat flour and rollingthin and wide, then slicing the noodles and boiling them in anchovy broth. In essence, geonjin guksu and nureun guksu are similar types of noodles, but when preparing the noodles, the noodles of geonjin guksu are drained and washed with cold water to be served with a garnish whereas nureun guksu is boiled in broth and served as is. Nureun guksu is another name for kalguksu, Gyeongsangdo handmade, knife-cut noodles which use a unique broth made only of anchovies?without beef or other seafood ingredients. It was very popular in 1960s and 1970s, encouraged by governmental attempts to reduce national rice consumption. The back street of Migliore was renowned for handmade knife-cut noodles at one time, and there were other popular combination menus like one bottle of soju (hard Korean alcohol) with amppong (pork blood sausage dish), which was great on a cool night.

Woorimil Halmae SonKalguksu 82-53-767-9630 Gachang-ro 57-gil 57, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu Detail View
Donggok WonjoHalmae SonKalguksu 82-53-582-0278 Dalgubul-daero 55-gil 104-4, Habin-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu Detail View
Andong Guksi 82-53-763-6633 Heemang-ro 216, Suseong-gu , Daegu Detail View
Wanggeuni Kalguksu 82-53-326-2154 Dongam-ro 38-gil 19-43, Buk-gu, Daegu Detail View
Chilsungdong Halmae Kongguksu 82-53-422-8101 Jungang-daero 614-9, Buk-gu, Daegu Detail View
Chamggae Guksu 82-53-756-1511 Suseong-ro 367-2, Suseong-gu , Daegu Detail View
Wonjo Guksu 82-53-256-6420 Yakryung-gil 34-20, Jung-gu, Daegu Detail View

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