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Jungfrau MOTEL
80 Dongchon-ro Dong-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-981-0332

It is located near the Daegu Airport and Dong-Daegu Station and has convenient transportation, and all rooms are available with internet and latest movies.

200 Haedong-ro Dong-gu Daegu | Tel : 053)981-1909

It is located at the Kumho riverside and has a great view and is equipped with a hotel standard of a large room.

324 Ayang-ro Dong-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-985-5204

It has a facility of a hotel quality and is tidy and clean.
Please visit after calling us.

40 Pagye-ro 138-gil Dong-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-985-8817

It is located at the entrance of the Palgongsan mountain Pagyesa temple and has a great view with fresh air.
There are fine restaurants and facilities in the surroundings.

10 Palgong-ro 101-gil Dong-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-983-3130

It is located under the mountain and has a great view of the Donghwa stream flowing in the back.
It is a place where one can have a quiet and comfortable rest.

Motel ALTO
32 Hyodong-ro 6-gil Dong-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-958-4111 / Fax) 053-959-4113

It is located right next to the Kumho Lake in the Dongcheon amusement park. It has a clean facility and put lot of consideration in the bed.

47 Pyeongni-ro 62-gil Seo-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-525-2571

It has good transportation and is near railway line number 2 and Duryu intersection. It is also good for leisure time since it is near the Duryu Park and E-World. The facility is clean.

195 Dongdeok-ro Jung-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-255-8850

It is located in the city near the city hall and has convenient transportation and is equipped with large wall-hanging TV and other latest facilities.

21 Dalseong-ro 21-gil Daegu | Tel : 053-554-1228

An accommodation located nearby Dalsung Park.

7 Bongdeok-ro 2-gil Nam-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-474-7420

It has a clean facility.
The traffic around the Yeungdae intersection is good.

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