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Jungfrau MOTEL
80 Dongchon-ro Dong-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-981-0332
It is located near the Daegu Airport and Dong-Daegu Station and has convenient transportation, and all rooms are available with internet and latest movies.
570-9 Gukchaebosang-ro Jung-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-255-0088
31, Techno gongwon-ro Hyeonpung-myeon Dalseong-gun Daegu | Tel : 053-263-1515
The facility is clean because of its remodeling in 2016
Motel ALTO
32 Hyodong-ro 6-gil Dong-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-958-4111 / Fax) 053-959-4113
It is located right next to the Kumho Lake in the Dongcheon amusement park. It has a clean facility and put lot of consideration in the bed.
76 Jong-ro Jung-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-253-8021
- It is a cozy and clean accommodation facility and is located near the center of town.
29 Waryong-ro 10-gil Dalseo-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-526-0090
- It is a tidy and clean accommodation.
- Internet is only available in certain rooms.
GG Motel
6 Dalseo-daero 91-gil Dalseo-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-593-7766
It is located in the Seongseo industrial complex. The accommodation facility is visited by many customers during business trips.
RAON Motel
Gachang-ro 71 Gachang-myeon Dalseong-gun Daegu | Tel : 053-767-7750
It has a rural ambience and a clean facility.
The surrounding landscape is beautiful.
14 Seongseogongdan-ro 15-gil Dalseo-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-593-5133/ (fax)053-593-5132
- Internet is available in all rooms.
- It is located in the Seongseo industrial complex.
- A good rest area for foreign buyers and business customers.
Nongongjungang-ro 34-gil 42 Nongong-eup Dalseong-gun Daegu | Tel : 053-615-3987
The first floor is an unmanned facility and parking is available.
It is located in the agricultural industrial complex.

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