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570-9 Gukchaebosang-ro Jung-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-255-0088
29 Waryong-ro 10-gil Dalseo-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-526-0090
- It is a tidy and clean accommodation.
- Internet is only available in certain rooms.
X-gate HOTEL
37 Dongdaegu-ro 25-gil Suseong-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-766-1121
It is a clean accommodation with various convenient facilities and is equipped with whirlpool, wall-mountable TV and a latest model computer.
87 Cheongsu-ro 24-gil Suseong-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-768-9300
- Internet is available in all rooms.
- Is near to the Deulangil road and has lots of restaurants and is good for business trip customers.
10 Palgong-ro 101-gil Dong-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-983-3130
It is located under the mountain and has a great view of the Donghwa stream flowing in the back.
It is a place where one can have a quiet and comfortable rest.
193 Gyeongsanggamyeong-gil Jung-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-269-4000
It is located in the city near the city hall and has convenient transportation
13-5 Yutongdanji-ro 13-gil Buk-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-381-1704 / Fax) 053-381-1776
It is a clean accommodation facility located inside the distribution complex and many business trip customers visit.
eco motel
34 Daegucheyukgwan-ro Buk-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-945-0555
- It is a tidy and clean accommodation.
- A good rest area for foreign buyers and business customers.
FUN Hotel
203 Daemyeongcheon-ro Dalseo-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-527-5511
- Internet is available in all rooms.
- Free playing of latest movies
- It is a clean accommodation facility with air conditioning and heating
YAK Motel
156 Hyeonchung-ro Nam-gu Daegu | Tel : 053-621-4009(3553)
- Internet is available in all rooms.
- The facility is clean because of its remodeling in 2010

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