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COMO Motel

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Check Information

What is a check information?

Prepare to check the main items
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accommodation facility.


Parking Facility  :  14 cars possible
Language  :  English, Japan possible
Credit Card  :  possible
Website  :  No website
Internet is available in all rooms.
Free playing of latest movies

- Internet is only available in certain rooms.
- It is a tidy and clean accommodation.
- It is a clean accommodation facility located near the distribution complex and many business trip customers visit.

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Basic Information

Basic Information
:   140 Daehak-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu
:   053-941-3983
:   After pm 8:00
:   Before pm 12:00
Type & Rate

■ Number of Rooms : 22  ( Western-style room )

■ Rates :  40,000(KRW) ~ 160,000(KRW)

Prices are subject to change in the peak season and on weekends. Please check in advance by phone.




- Finding Direction is provided on the standard of address, and it could be a little bit different with real direction.
- Please call before you visit accommodation.

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Daegu Subway
300, 305, 323-1, 410-1, 706, 719
Daegu Bus Information

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