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Welcome to the Daegu accommodation website.
Greenstel recommends excellent accommodations that have been approved by Daegu City. We make it easy to find a good place to stay by providing a list of accommodations that have been thoroughly screened and evaluated to ensure top quality.

Daegu has appointed 159 accommodations as "Greenstel" in order to recommend inexpensive and clean accommodations to people visiting Daegu for various large-scale international events.

Greenstel is a newly-coined word that was formed by connecting the words "green" and "hostel," and refers to a low-carbon, green accommodation. It was developed as part of the successful, eco-friendly hosting of the 2011 Daegu International Track and Field Championships.

Greenstel symbol/logo

Greenstel logo
The image of a simple and comforting traditional Korean-style house, filled with precious memories, is portrayed with soft curves that give a comforting and free feeling. The image also represents a suitable, clean, and inexpensive accommodation that is also eco-friendly, a quality much desired by the city. Illust file download JPG file download
Purpose of GreenStel
Select and recommend accommodations with excellent facilities and environmentally-friendly services
 Provide a pleasant resting place for visitors

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